Can you play Minecraft being an aqua-man? (Difficulty: Fish)

FishMode Plugin

This plugin was made to address a plugin request where the players should breathe in water and suffocate for lack of oxygen in air, like a fish.


/setfish [true/false] [Player Name]Set a direct fish flag to a playerfishmode.cmd.setfish
/unsetfish [Player Name]Remove the direct fish flag from a playerfishmode.cmd.unsetfish
/reload-fishmodeReload the configs from the filesystemfishmode.cmd.fishmode-reload
/isfish [Player Name]Shows the fish status of a playerfishmode.cmd.isfish

Note 1: The player names can have space, you don’t have to put them between quotes, in these commands.

Note 2: All command permissions are automatically granted to OP players.

Note 3: You still look like a player, so find a cool skin to match the theme, or find a disguise plugin.


Aside from the command permissions there are two extra permissions that you can give to users to override the default settings, create a group of fishes with your permission manager, or make your staff never fish unless directly set as fish.

These permissions are not granted by default to anybody.

PermissionDescription the user always fish unless directly set to not be the user never fish, most settings except the direct fish flag, this has priority over


After running the first time, edit the file plugins/FishMode/config.yml as you wish.

Default configuration:

# 1 = refresh all players every tick, 2 = every 2 ticks, 3 = every 3 ticks and so on
tick-rate: 2
  # Should the players who are marked as fish be able to breath in non-fish worlds on only in fish worlds?
  only-in-fish-worlds: true
  # This makes all players who don't have a direct flag associated to them a fish when it is set to true
  players-are-fish-by-default: false
  # All players who are in a fish-world should be fish or only those who were marked as fish by command or plugin?
  all-players-are-fish: false
  # If you want all your worlds to become fish-world, set this to true
  all: false
  # If you want to disable this plugin in all nether dimensions, set this to true
  not-nether: true
  # This is a list of strings, you can add the name of the worlds here
    - world
  # This is a list of regular expressions, this is an advanced way just in case you want to be fancy
  regex: []

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Published on Apr 13, 2022




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Licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)

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