A high-end multiworld plugin with more multiworld features than any other multiworld plugin!😁💖
Issue Reporthttps://cloudburstmc.org/threads/worldmanager-advanced-multiworld-plugin.1067/
CompatiblityAPI 1.0.11, 1.0.13
RequirementsNukkit / PowerNukkit




First of all I should show you all features:

  • **Teleport to another world
  • **World-Teleport-UI
  • **World-Generation UI
  • **generate new worlds (every generator and seed is possible)
  • **Delete a world
  • **list all worlds. Loaded and unloaded
  • **load and unload and even reload worlds
  • **rename worlds
  • **copy/duplicate worlds
  • **set the worldspawn
  • **regenerate the whole world
  • **change the seed of a existing world
  • **world infos like seed, generator, amount of players..
  • **per world gamemode (toggleable)
  • **UI Settings
  • **Change the default world
  • **World Load on startup
  • **World Restrictions via permissions
  • **Set a playerlimit per world
  • **World Clearlagg (Kill every entity in a world)
  • **Change the biome for every loaded chunk
  • **Change gamerules via an UI
  • **Enable / Disable the Nukkit Build-In movementcheck per world
  • **Add notes to your world.
  • **Protect your world (Deny build, break and interacts)
  • **Fast and easy gamerule syncing
  • **Easy Updates with /wm update
  • **Auto-Updater
  • **Easy extendable! Ingame addons ui with tons of useful stuff

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Commands and permissions:

WorldManager provides alot of features.. So dont get confused..

Basicly if you have the permission worldmanager.admin you can do anything.

But lets get started with the main command: Its /worldmanager. But you can also use /wm, /mw, /levelmanager, /lm and even /mv for multiverse2 fans of you image

The permission is always worldmanager.MainSubcommand.

For example, the command /wm generate World (Generator) {Seed} has the permission worldmanager.generate. worldmanager.gen wont work. It have to be the main subcommand.

You can see the command and all the aliases when you execute /wm help ingame or via console.

You also can prevent players from entering a world. Just give them the permission worldmanager.deny.World

If you want to give a player access to /worldmanager teleport but only to a specific world, just give him the permission worldmanager.teleport.World

To open the teleport ui, the player needs the permisson worldmanager.teleportui.

For the generation ui, they need the permission worldmanager.generationui.

You can change the max players per world in your world settings. If the limit is reached, you can’t enter the world unless you have the permission worldmanager.enterfullworlds

Command Help Page:

/worldmanager teleport [World] (Player)* teleports you or the pointed player in this world. Instead of "teleport", you can use tp and to

/worldmanager generate [World] (Generator)* {Seed}* generate a new world. Instead of "generate" you can use gen or create

/worldmanager delete [World] deletes the world. Instead of "delete" you can use del, remove or purge

/worldmanager load [World] loads the world while /worldmanager unload [World] unloads a world

/worldmanager reload [World]* reloads a world.

/worldmanager rename [World] (New Worldname) renames a world

/worldmanager copy [World] (Name of the Copy)* will copy a world. Be careful. You can overwrite other worlds.

/worldmanager setspawn will set the worldspawn

/worldmanager settings [World]* opens a FormUI with world-specific settings

/worldmanager regenerate [World]* regenerates the world. You also can use reg or reset instead of "regenerate"

/worldmanager setseed [World] (Seed) Change the seed of your world. Also works with reseed

/worldmanager info [World]* shows you informations about this world

/worldmanager setbiome [Biome] changes the biome of every loaded chunk in the current world.

/worldmanager gamerule [World]* opens an UI to manage the gamerules

/worldmanager default [World]* shows you the default level. You can change it if you write the worldname too.

* optional

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Published on Apr 11, 2022




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