Edit configs ingame and speed up server/plugin development!
Issue Reporthttps://cloudburstmc.org/threads/pluginmanager.1445/
CompatiblityAPI 1.0.13
RequirementsNukkit / PowerNukkit


A Plugin to manage all of your servers plugins and also a tool to speed up plugin development

You can use PluginManager to load, unload, reload, enable, disable and uninstall plugins.

Yes. You can reload single plugins without the need to reload the entire server. This could save alot of time while developing plugins due the reduced loading times.

So what features does PluginManager have?

Load Plugins

Unload Plugins

Reload Plugins

Enable Plugins

Disable Plugins

Uninstall Plugins

Manage Plugin Configuration files ingame

Get plugin data


/pluginmanager (opens the UI)

/pluginmanager load file loads a plugin from a file.

/pluginmanager unload plugin unloads the plugin.

/pluginmanager reload plugin reloads the plugin.

/pluginmanager enable plugin enables a disabled plugin.

/pluginmanager disable plugin disables a enabled plugin.

/reload plugin reloads the plugin without reloading the whole server.

You can use /pm instead of using /pluginmanager


Each Command has the permission of its sub command.

Like /pm load has the permission “pluginmanager.load”

The only exceptions are /pm (without subcommands) and /reload

/pm has the permission “pluginmanager.ui” and /reload remains with “nukkit.command.reload”

Just to be sure that no one of your team uninstalls any plugins, you have to be op to uninstall plugins.

To modify configs you need the permission “pluginmanager.config.*”.

If you want them to have access to only certain configs, give them the permission with the file path.

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Published on Jun 5, 2022




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